About Rockwell Green

Rockwell Green is an expanding village just outside Wellington Somerset which is very close to the Devon Boarder. The village takes its name from the Well that can be found just behind the Barley Mow, though in the past it was know as Rowe Green and even Rouges Green because many of its inhabitants could not provide creditable proof of their earnings.

The locals will tell you that when the royal train passed trough the area the curtains would be drawn to prevent the sovereign looking out on The Green - thankfully things have improved substantially over the years.

Whereas Wellington was an industrial town with the main employer Fox Brothers owning most of the town and even issuing their own money for their employees to spend in the companies own shops. Indeed Fox, Fowler & Co. as the bank became known was the last private bank in England and Wales to issue its own bank notes, the modern day Lloyd's TSB bank in Fore Street Wellington occupies the site of the old Fox's bank and has a plaque explaining this fact.

Until recently the name industry in Rockwell Green was plant nurseries with the village having three large commercial ones none of which are still in existence, in their heyday they where world famous for their chrysanthemum's. None of the main nurseries remain and the land they once sat on has been developed into housing estates.

The main street is called Rockwell Green and is unusual as the buildings are numbered in a funny way, not odds one side and evens the other but with odds and evens on the same side of the road, one side being numbered out and then the numbering system continues back along the opposite side of the street. This means that the lowest numbered buildings are opposite the highest numbered buildings.

The Wellington Carnival starts in Rockwell Green and is held every year normally on the last Saturday in September. The carnival is preceded by Wellington fair which opens two weeks before the carnival and closes on the night of the procession. The fair is held on fields near Spy Post in Rockwell Green.

wellington carnival float

On 9 May 1904 the "City of Truro" a steam locomotive achieved a then record speed of 100mph on the Wellington Bank a steep section of railway which cuts through Rockwell Green a record for the time.

speed record loco

Wellington's main cemetery is situated in Rockwell Green at Hilly Head and contains 16 Commonwealth burials of the 1914-1918 war and 13 of the 1939-1945 war. The cemetery is also the last resting place for Private Thomas Dawe, of B Coy 2nd Battalion, 24th Regiment, was one of the Defenders of Rorke's Drift during the South African Anglo-Zulu war of 1879. Having died in 1924 aged 66 he was interned in the cemetery in an unmarked grave. In April 2010 following research by Royal Marine Corporal Bugler Tim Needham a headstone was dedicated on Private Dawe's grave.


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